Our Ticker

Behold the radiant banner that guides us through the crypto realms – the ticker of Leprecoin, none other than $LUCKY! Let the digital winds carry the symbol far and wide, bringing fortune and mirth to all who embrace the charm of our token on this thrilling blockchain adventure! 🚀🌈💸

Our Contract

CA: 0xD49d6519890cc0Ba90dDeBe11EF60e66EA640eD8 This is the only contract for the official Leprecoin $LUCKY token! Be careful Leprechads!

Fully Renounced

In the enchanted land of Leprecoin, rest assured, dear seekers, for our contract is a fortress of trust, fully renounced and beyond the grasp of meddling hands. The guardians of our journey, the team, stand in the safety of transparency, their commitment unwavering, ensuring a secure and whimsical passage for all who embark on this digital escapade! 🏰🌐🔒 Ownership of our token has been sent to the DEAD wallet for full transparency & trust! https://bscscan.com/tx/0x712209eca8a2b0e5e4154d8a201ab1ccccc5e77c0bc45dd618c5f4875441fc3f

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