Behold the tokenomics dance of Leprecoin! A 5% tax accompanies your joyful purchase, channeling 3% to fuel our marketing and jackpot endeavors, while 2% gracefully glides into the liquidity pool. Upon parting ways with your digital gold, a 5% sell tax ensures the perpetual flow of luck and prosperity in our digital realm! 🌈💰

Total Supply & Max Transaction

Behold the treasury of Leprecoin, where a bountiful 1 trillion tokens glisten like stars in the vast cosmic expanse. Yet, in the spirit of fairness, no individual hoard shall exceed 20 billion tokens, fostering an equitable distribution of this digital abundance across the realms of fortune! 🌌💰

Liquidity Lock

In the realm of Leprecoin, our liquidity is a locked treasure chest, sealed with magic for a delightful three months. As we stride through milestones on this digital adventure, each achievement extends the lock, adding a touch of enchantment to our journey and fortifying the growth of our shared prosperity! 🌐🔒💰

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